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We provide employment screening tailored to the Nigerian setting including identity checks, drug and health screening, candidate experience, global screening and guarantor form. Our offerings are the result of working in nigeria for over 20 years with constant customer feedback and knowledge of industry's best solutions. We provide employers with pre and post-employment background check services, drug screening services and assessments. Our company conducts employment screening.

AFMhirecheck specializes in pre-employment screening and background checks. We protect your brand using real people, proven business solutions and innovative technology

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Our Services

Employment Screening

Employment verification’s should be conducted on all new hires and verified by AFMHireCheck

School Verification

AFMHireCheck verifies employees degree's pre and post employment

Employer/Reference Verification

AFMhirecheck offers personal reference check, professional and educational reference check including Guarantors Form.

Professional License Verification

A professional license verification check will help ensures individuals who provide services to consumers indeed are qualified.

Blood Screening

We offer hair and urine testing, breath alcohol, and more specialized when required

Motor Vehicle License Check

AFMHireCheck assists our clients in verifying the drivers license and history.

Experience the AFMhirecheck Advantage.

Employment background reports help surface more information about candidates during the hiring process. AFMhirecheck provides reports that are easy to understand and compliant with state and federal laws.

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Background Check


pre-employment background screening services


screening requirements often include verification of engineering licensure, education and degree verification’s.


Screening requirements for cleaners will check for safety and theft. Expensive Equipment, personal property and proprietary information are all valuable assets at a job site


In the hospitality industry security of workers is paramount. AFMhirecheck will properly vet your workers. AFMhirecheck helps your organization to hire only the best candidates, and to reduce organizational risk.


Due to the nature of the work bank workers need to be properly vetted.


The construction industry is under constant demand to fill positions quickly performing background checks for employees is especially crucial to reduce turnover


the creation of a safe and trusted learning environment for employees, faculty, students, and visitors is crucial by using health screening and background checks.


The retail industry has one of the highest rates of turnover due to theft. We assist in enhancing your screening solution

Oil and Gas

Tessting for drugs in the Oil and Gas Industry is very important. AFMhirecheck tests for drug and alcohol

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